Surprising Contemporary Bridge House

Junsekino Architect And Design completed the development of Bridge House, a contemporary family home in Bangkok, Thailand. This unconventional residence was the perfect solution for a two-generation family to live collectively, but still enjoy their personal space. By using steel together with wood, the architects created an interesting contrast of rough and soft. The intention of the architect was to build the thinnest and the lightest house in order to oppose the idea of the former building on the site, which resembled a compact white box.

According to the project developers, the house is divided into two parts; the living room and the dining room, with the bridge in between, all located on the first level: “These two parts of the house are connected by the pool. This entertainment element acts as the social gathering place of the project; furthermore, it also serves as the reflector for the natural light and lightens up the house during daytime. The swimming pool in the center can be seen from every single room of the house.” The residence was planned on two floors in order to facilitate the expansion of the family in the future. [Photos by Spaceshift Studio]

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