The Micro-Market: Deepwell, Palm Springs

Bounded by: north, Mesquite Avenue; east, Sunrise Way; south, East Palm Canyon Drive; west, Calle Palo Fierro, Deepwell Ranch, and Deepwell Road

Current number of homes Active for Sale: 14

Price range, Active for Sale: $549,900 - $1,175,000

Average price, Active for Sale: $791,493

Current number of homes Back Up Offer (Contingent) status: 3

Price range, Back Up Offer (Contingent): $525,000 - $1,279,000

Average price, Back Up Offer (Contingent): $867,667

Current number of homes Pending status: 1

Price range, Pending: $1,175,000

Average price, Pending: $1,175,000

Homes Sold (Closed Sale, last 180 days - 10/25/15): 9

Price range, Sold (Closing Sale Price): $555,000 - $1,322,000

Average price, Sold (Closed Sale, last 180 days - 10/15/15): $812,444

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